Spin To Survive: Deadly Jungle - Emily Hawkins


Decide your destiny with a pop-out fortune spinner!

With this thrilling choose-your-own-adventure game in a book, you'll embark on a dangerous adventure – will you make it out of the deadly jungle alive? Use your instincts and the pop-out Survival Spinner to learn your fate as you face peril after peril in the wilderness. Have you got what it takes to survive?

Grandma Beatriz has given you an important mission: discover the fabled Lost City of the Jaguar God so it can be protected and preserved for the future. But lost and alone in the Amazon Rainforest, survival must be your top priority. Play your way through the deadly dangers of the Amazon in a fight for your life, facing off against treacherous river rapids, prowling jaguars, dastardly treasure-hunters and a whole host of hazards that dwell deep in the jungle.

As you confront each life-threatening challenge in this adventure-filled game book, place the Survival Spinner found inside the cover of the book on one of the circles on your current page, and spin. The place where the spinner points when it stops tells you if you have survived, are still living but injured, or your grisly demise, with a corresponding page number to turn to for each fate.

You'll discover expert survival tips and real-life accounts of people who survived in the wild, against the odds. Learn how to fashion a raft out of balsa wood, identify which fruits are edible and which are poison, and the traditional wisdom of the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon.