Saltwater Classic Slide Sandals - Black - Adult


Hello summer! The Saltwater Slide is the newest member of the family. It's based on the Classic style with an adjustable front strap but with no ankle strap, so it's easy to slide on and off. Made from classic black leather, they are the perfect full stop to any outfit!

They have the classic Saltwater stitched rubber sole and rust-proof buckles, plus they're durable, comfortable and can be worn in water (even the sea).  

Check out the tan version, too. 

Best fitted with toes behind the stitch line. Check out this printable size guide.

Salt-Water sandals are a summer classic! They're made from super-comfy leather that moulds to your feet with wear, plus they're machine washable and can be worn in the sea. It's a brand with heritage, too: these sandals were first made in 1940s by Walter Hoy out of pieces of scrap leather during WWII.