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Coco chocolates

Coco is an artisan chocolatier based in Edinburgh, Scotland using the world’s finest Colombian cocoa. With beautiful wrappers designed by independent artists, these chocolate bars, festive crackers, chocolate bombes, drinking chocolate and sweets make wonderful gifts for kids and grown-ups alike.  


Coco - Sour Watermelon jelly slices sweets | Scout & Co
Coco - Sour Octopus foam sweets | Scout & Co
Coco - Juicy Fruit jelly sweets | Scout & Co
Coco - Salted Caramel milk chocolate bar - 80g | Scout & Co
Coco - Isle Of Skye sea salt milk chocolate bar - 80g | Scout & Co
Coco - Milk chocolate bombes | Scout & Co
Coco - Dark chocolate giant buttons | Scout & Co
Coco - Passion Fruit dark chocolate bar - 80g | Scout & Co