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Pirate Peril: Spin To Survive - Emily Hawkins


Decide your destiny with a pop-out fortune spinner in the third book in the brilliant Spin To Survive series.

With this game in a book, you'll embark on a dangerous pirate adventure, set centuries in the past on the high seas, where you will cross swords with swashbuckling scoundrels and mutinous marauders.. Use the pop-out Survival Spinner to learn your fate as you face peril after peril. Have you got what it takes to survive?

Your father, the good-hearted pirate Captain Samuel Swift, has entrusted you with his cutlass and the tattered map leading to his buried treasure. But this is the Caribbean in the 18th century; danger is on the horizon, just below the surface, and perhaps even on board your very own ship...

Will you head out to search for the treasure, sign on with a crew of pirate-hunters, or embark on the riskiest course of all: joining forces with the pirates who betrayed your father?

With your trusty Survival Spinner (included), make your choice and spin to survive. As you play through a new adventure with every read, each scenario might lead to certain death, fame and fortune, or any number of unexpected surprises. On every page, explore a lawless world where ruthless colonisers clash with oceanic outlaws and loyalty is bought for a few pieces of eight. Discover tips for surviving at sea, and put the story in context with historical facts and illustrations.

Play your way past a barrage of dangers as you fight to survive, facing off against hurricanes, sharks, cannon-fire and cut-throats. Prepare for adventure... the journey is bound to be stormy!