Pipsticks - Cha Cha Cherry Pixigem lucky gem sticker


Pixigems are magical good luck charm stickers from Pipsticks. Each sparkly Pixigem gem sticker has a unique power that brings good luck and positive vibes. Collect them, share them, or trade them with friends for an extra dose of good luck!

This is Cha Cha Cherry.

2x 2in sticker with collector's card to uncover its special power.

Pipsticks is a super-fun sticker and stationery company, launched in 2014 by Mo Vazquez (a sticker-loving child of the 80s and mother of four). What started as a subscription sticker club, with thousands of subscribers in over 60 countries, has grown into a sticker revolution! Pipstickers are the best stickers on the market - fun, fresh, on trend, but a bit quirky too.