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Mini Stories - Scout Editions


Mini Stories by Scout Editions invites readers to delve into the hidden histories and enchanting tales behind the everyday objects and wonders that surround us. A super gift for creative adults and families - it's great to dip into and for starting conversations.

This small art book is a collection of the cute illustrations and stories about the objects that feature on Scout Editions' lovely cards. It’s usually an interesting fact about how that object was invented or an insight you may be unaware of.

A collaboration with Counter-Print, Mini Stories came about from Scout Editions's love of history and story-telling. Inspired by the everyday, they delve into the back stories of what surrounds us - from the wonderful natural world to innovative manmade objects we know and love. Everything comes from something and has a story.

This book has eight different cover designs, each with a unique illustration from the book. They fold out to reveal a black and white poster showcasing a collection of icons, specially crafted by Scout Editions. 

Please note, you will receive one of the eight covers, chosen at random.