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Herboo - Wild Meadow seeds set of 3


Grow a colourful wildflower meadow with Herboo's set of three beautifully packaged seed packets. The meadow will have height, character and structure, as well as providing a pollen-rich environment to bring a variety of wildlife.

  • Three seed packets to grow: Wildflowers, Catmint and Verbena bonariensis.
  • Seed varieties that thrive in poor soil and near-unkillable garden plants... 
  • Promotes biodiversity in your garden.

Herboo is all about making a garden, anywhere. Whatever your age, your space, whether you are growing indoors, a window box, terrace or garden beds. Herboo choose plant varieties thinking about growing in the city and provide all the information and support you need to grow with ease. Shop beautifully packaged seeds and growing kits that make wonderful gifts.