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Find The Fairies: memory game

Discover enchanting fairies from all around the world with this stunningly illustrated matching and memory game, based on the bestselling book, A Natural History of Fairies. The cards feature naturalist illustrations of fairy species from different regions of the world with 20 pairs to match from the Alpine Sprite to the Savannah Fairy, and the Rainforest Nymph to the Polar Wanderer.

The booklet, in addition to explaining how to play the game, serves as a field guide to the fairy species on the cards, with details on their habitats, dwellings, distinctive features and habits. For instance, learn how the Firefly Sprite (Nympha scintilla) uses bioluminescence to make their way through the bamboo forests of China and how the Himalayan Oread (Nympha nipalensis) hibernates in a snowy burrow through the winter, but descends to mountain meadows to feed on flower nectar in the summer. You’ll also find out where and when to look for fairies, and signs of their presence.

To play the game, arrange the cards face down on a table, then flip two over – do they show the same fairy species? If they do, you collect the pair. If not, try to remember where the different fairy species are located so you can make a match on your next turn.

Put your memory skills to the test and learn about the diverse fairies of the world while you play. Gather more pairs than your opponent to win!

Suitable for age 4+.

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