Djeco - Stylish & Golden paper beads DIY kit


Make dozens of paper bead bracelets with this lovely Djeco Do It Yourself craft kit. Cut the patterned paper into strips, roll around a stick and glue down. Then thread the beads onto elastic cord to create pretty bracelets. There are butterfly, dragonfly, shell and flower charms to add on as well. There's enough materials to make over 400 beads and over 35 of bracelets. This makes a great activity for parties or rainy days.

Contents: 20 sheets of patterned paper (19 x 19 cm), six wooden sticks, six elastic cords (gold and blue), 12 charms,  glue stick, step-by-step instructions.

Suitable for age 7-12.

Box size: 20 x 20 x 3.5cm

    Djeco is a wonderful Parisian toys brand, formed in 1954. They create everything from classic wooden toys and jigsaws to stationery and craft kits to spark kids' imagination. There's something for all ages and budgets, from playhouses to stickers and tattoos.