Djeco - Dino Draft card game


Djeco's Dino Draft card game is a fun, strategic card drafting game. Stegosauruses, Triceratops and Brachiosauruses are all off to Draftoland: the perfect shop for swapping cards! It's a family card game with a drafting mechanism, where players must collect and position dinosaurs during each turn to try and complete their personal goal.

We love Djeco's card games - they're brilliant for popping in your bag to play on the go.

Suitable for age 6+. 2-4 players. Game duration: 10 minutes.

Box size: 16 x 12 x 3cm

Djeco is a wonderful Parisian toys brand, formed in 1954. They create everything from classic wooden toys and jigsaws to stationery and craft kits to spark kids' imagination. There's something for all ages and budgets, from playhouses to stickers and tattoos.