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A Natural History of Magick - Poppy David


This gorgeously illustrated guide to magick looks just like a vintage album, with its cloth cover, gold foil detail and ribbon marker. Written by globetrotting naturalist Professor Conrad Gessner for his grandson in the 1920s, it's filled with colourful sketches and notes detailing the secret world of magic, a natural force hidden all around us.

Inside, you will discover the history of magic and its dazzling array of practices around the globe. Learn about different types of magic (divination, tarot reading, astrology, numerology, alchemy and more); powerful plants; wand trees (apple tree wands are helpful in matters of love, while beech is best for scholars using wordy spells); familiars (the perfect magical companion: if you love to gossip, you might choose a ferret or for improved thinking, an owl); the most magical of days (Imbolc, the solstices, All Hallows’ Eve and more) and magical scripts (secret languages used through history for communicating with the spirit world),

With this precious scrapbook as your guide, tap into the powerful energies that will help you harness your own magic.

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