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5 Minute Human Body Stories - Gabby Dawnay


This brilliantly illustrated treasury of 10 rhyming five-minute stories is a playful introduction to the human body. Great to read aloud and packed full of fun and humour, the stories help young readers aged 5+ to understand the inner workings of our body, such as how we breathe, move - and poo!

Each story introduces a key part of the human body, starring a sweet smiley body part, from an energetic heart to a bouncy poo! The tales are told in rhyming verse, then followed up with non-fiction explainers which summarise the science behind each story.

Stories include:
Where did I begin?: From conception to baby.
The Heartbeat Ballet: All about the heart and the blood.
Your Lungs And The Air: The respiratory system.
Brainy You! The body's control centre.
Skin Holds You In: All about the skin.
Hold-Me-Up: All about the skeleton and bones.
Do I Move? Marvellous muscles.
I Spy: See, hear, smell, taste, touch.
Snack Attack: All about digestion.