Cereal City Guide: New York - Rosa Park & Rich Stapleton


A portrait of New York, offering a curated edit on what to see and do.

From the leading independent travel and style magazine Cereal, the City Guide series offers finely curated edits of what to see and do for travellers and locals alike. Rather than a comprehensive directory, the guides include select points of interest and venues that reflect Cereal’s aesthetic values and interests.

Carefully researched and illustrated with original photography, each guide features 30 of Cereal’s favourite places and also includes:

– Photo essay of the city
– Illustrated neighbourhood map
– Interviews and essays from celebrated locals, such as Linda Rodin, Kai Avent-deLeon, and more
– lists of essential architectural points of interest, museums, galleries, day trips outside the city, and unique souvenirs
– an itinerary for an ideal day in New York.

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