Top 10 Gifts For A 1st Birthday

So you've been invited to a first birthday party (awww) but what should you get the lucky birthday boy or girl? Remember, the little ones won't actually have a clue what's going on at this point, but here's a rundown of our 10 favourite gifts that the parents and the babe will love, long after the party is over.  These are all tried and tested on the Scout & Co kids (like everything on our site!)

1. The Noisy Book by Soledad Bravi, £9.99

A real fave, this one. Each spread features a bold illustration and a caption of the sound that goes with it. E.g. "firecracker goes boom", "donkey goes hee-haw", "monkey goes oo-oo"… It's brilliant fun to read aloud. My youngest (currently 13 months) loves it and we can even read it together with my nearly 4 year old, who loves to "teach" her little sister what the sounds are. 

2. Nor-Folk '1' T-shirt, £20

The Wonder Years tees from the Nor-Folk design collective are a real easy-win birthday present (available as 1-5 prints in black, white and grey). Wonderfully minimalist and pleasing to the eye, the soft jersey T-shirts are hand-printed in Norwich.

3. Design Letters initial cup, £9, and cup lid, £6.90

I love it when a baby gift is practical and cool. Design Letters initial cups are ace in their own right (hello melamine, you hard-wearing friend), and now you can buy lids that transform them into toddler-friendly sippy cups. 

4. Bajo wooden toy car, £6.50

A sweet and tactile wooden toy car with super-smooth curves. It's the perfect size for little hands to push around the floor, plus it's small enough to easily stash in your bag. Vroom!

5. Little Titans tights, £16

Perfect in many ways: super-fun designs like this Wild Thing style, non-slip soles so they're excellent for new walkers and tights are just so much more practical than socks – no kicking them off! 

6. Buddy and Bear plate, £7

Mealtimes with a one year old are funny / frustrating / pasta-sauce-over-face photo opportunities / an incredible mess / all of these things all at once. So why not add some super-cute tableware into the mix! British brand Buddy and Bear make super-sweet, extra-tough plastic plates and tumblers, which withstand all sorts of toddler tantrums. 

7. One Thousand Things, £12.99

Educational, good-looking and a joy to read and look at, One Thousand Things is a great addition to any bookshelf. This beautifully illustrated first word book is chock-full of pictures to point at and words to learn. 

8. Ferm Living play tent, £119

Yes, it's on the pricier side, but give this and know that your present will last for years to come! After all, who doesn't love a den to play in… Plus, it's stylish enough to keep on display in a living room for maximum play time.

9. Noodoll soft toy, £16.50

So sweet and snuggly! Snoozy little Ricepuffy here is one of Noodoll's family of super-soft, collectible plush toys. He's lovely to cuddle up to.

10. Kukkia hamburger and fries musical instruments, £20

One to make the parents laugh too! We love Japanese brand Kukkia's witty take fast food: maracas and shakers to go please…


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