Saltwater Surfer Sandals - Navy - Kids


Hello summer! Saltwater Sun-San Surfers in excellent navy leather are a classic two-strap sandal with a bouncy urethane sole and rust-proof buckles. They're ultra-comfortable, durable and mould to your feet with wear, plus they can be worn in water (even the sea). The two adjustable buckles make them a great choice for both wide or narrow feet. Surfers are Saltwater's best all-round sandal for any shape foot.

Check out this printable size guide.

Salt-Water sandals are a summer classic! They're made from super-comfy leather that moulds to your feet with wear, plus they're machine washable and can be worn in the sea. It's a brand with heritage, too: these sandals were first made in 1940s by Walter Hoy out of pieces of scrap leather during WWII.