Kitpas - set of 3 rice wax crayons for bath - yellow, white, pink


These innovative, eco-friendly bath crayons from Japan make bathtimes creative and fun! You can draw on the bath – they write smoothly and vividly even on wet surfaces - and then just wipe it off with your fingers or a sponge. This is a really well-thought out product: the markers are hexagonal so easy to hold for little hands and what's more, they float! Plus, the markers are wrapped in waterproof paper that won't tear, even when wet.

Set of 3 colours: Shell (yellow, white, pink),

These new-and-improved bath crayons are made with rice bran wax, a side product from Japanese brown rice that's usually discarded after milling. Kitpas use the rice bran – thin surface layer that's peeled off and separated into rice bran oil and rice bran wax – to make bath crayons, eliminating food waste!  Melting rice wax generates less heat than paraffin wax during production, allowing for a more comfortable environment for the factory workers.

Kitpas is gentle to the earth, makers, and you!

Founded in 1937, Japanese brand Nihon Rikagaku produces award-winning Kitpas markers, dustless chalks (widely used in Japanese schools) and blackboards. The innovative company has an excellent social conscience. Its mission statement is to produce quality products that don't damage people or the Earth; and to create happiness through job opportunities for people with learning difficulties ( the majority of its workforce).