Style It My Way SS19: Izzy Pugh-Scout & Co

Style It My Way SS19: Izzy Pugh

We're excited to welcome Izzy Pugh back to our Style It My Way series. This time, with Minnow, the new addition to her family, too! We asked her to photograph her three children in her favourite pieces from our SS19 collections. Here are the beautiful results…

Izzy Pugh - Bobo mac
Izzy Pugh - Bobo bag
Izzy Pugh - Bobo tee
Izzy Pugh - Minnow
Izzy Pugh - Main Story sweat
Izzy Pugh - Main Story sweat
Izzy Pugh - red shorts
Izzy Pugh - Minnow hat
Izzy Pugh - Minnow in bed
Izzy Pugh - rose dress
Izzy Pugh - TAO dress
Izzy Pugh - TAO rose dress
Izzy Pugh - Minnow Bobo
Izzy Pugh Minnow onesie
Izzy Pugh - Beau Loves cardigan
Izzy Pugh - Bobo double cap
Izzy Pugh - trio
Izzy Pugh - Wynken dress
Izzy Pugh - Wynken
Izzy Pugh: TAO and Maed
Izzy Pugh - Fresh Dinosaurs
Izzy Pugh - Beau Loves dress
Izzy Pugh - Beau Loves dress
Izzy Pugh - Beau Loves dress in field


Tell us a bit about yourself…

'We are a family of five living in Acton. Our twins, Finn and Iza are five years old and Minnow has just turned one. I’ve always been a big lover of fashion. Aged 8 in the 80s, I insisted on a bad crew cut and wore awesome yellow-and-turquoise polka dot culotte suits with matching headbands. My style has gone down hill since then but I absolutely love the imagination and creativity of kid's fashion today, there's a magic to it that is hard to find in adult clothing.'

Where did you take the photos?
'We took these photos at Grandma's house in the countryside. It is our "happy place" and we go there whenever we can. The shoot was during February half term when we had the "fake spring" - the weather was glorious and the light just lovely.' 

What do you like to dress your kids in? 

‘I’m a sucker for crazy prints and quirky stories and would pattern clash all day every day. I look for clothes that trigger Finn and Iza’s imagination: a "cat cardi", a "ninja suit" or the double brim cap from Bobo Choses that Finn calls his 'backwards forwards hat'. Nowadays I never buy anything without checking with them first and I let them pick out their own outfits, I love seeing how they put things together and explain their choices ("because of course hot dogs go best with flowers Mummy" or "because today i am an artist so I'm wearing my beret").'

What do they love to wear? 

'They are both happiest in clothes they can be kids in: leggings, shorts and T-shirts that mean they can run, jump and climb trees, but they also both love colours and patterns. Iza is mad about metallic leggings at the moment and anything denim. Her favourite accessory is sunglasses. I think that's because it makes her feel grown-up – she likes to polish them a lot! Finn will always choose shorts and a T-shirt whatever the weather and mostly likes to accessorise with a bow and arrow.' 

What are your favourite SS19 pieces and brands? 
'We have been lovers of The Animals Observatory and Bobo Choses for many years now, for me they are the brands that started it all but there are so many fantastic new brands that we have discovered through Scout & Co and other independent retailers. Fresh Dinosaurs is one brand that I hadn't bought before but I was blown away by the softness of their T-shirts and the super-cool retro vibe of their prints. Main Story is a brand we've been following from the beginning. They do the best leggings and most beautiful prints that are super-cool and eye-catching but still some how manage to feel like absolute, wear-anywhere neutrals that will last forever. This year's Beau Loves collection is awesome. The colours are amazing and the blue and lilac pieces manage to be edgy, super fresh and innocent at the same time.'

What are you looking forward to this summer?
'My children are growing so fast and Minnow's first year whizzed by. For me, emptying our schedule and planning to do nothing is a way to slow time down and I'll be trying to do this as often as possible – preferably in the tree house in Grandma's garden. Also, this is a bit nerdy but I am very excited about the new children's garden opening in Kew this year as it is just around the corner and looks amazing.'

What do your kids like to do on sunny days?
'We have a water slide with inflatable skittles which you can dive down – that's ace. The big kids have discovered how to make mud baths à la Glasto, so they'll be doing a lot of that in the summer I imagine… and Fab lollies, all the Fab lollies please!'
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