Style It My Way: Gillian Morton-Scout & Co

Style It My Way: Gillian Morton

We asked photographer Gillian Morton to style her kids in her favourite pieces from our autumn/winter collections. 

Gillian Morton - Fresh Dinosaurs

Tell us a bit about yourself…
'I live in Edinburgh with my husband Stuart and our and two kids, Evie, aged 6, and Finn, aged 4. I run a family photography business as well as working as a childminder - so life is pretty chaotic at the moment...'
How did you get into photography?
'I have always loved photography and as a kid would delight in looking through all our old family photos. When my own kids were born, I discovered Instagram and a whole new world was opened up to me. I really feel that it was Instagram that brought out a creative side to me that I never even knew existed and ignited a love for photography.'
Where did you take these photos?
'The photos were taken in our happy place - our home and the streets of our neighbourhood. I've never been a parent who is great at going swimming or to soft play or organised groups, so our neighbourhood has always been our playground and where I take 75% of my photos.'

What do you like to dress your kids in?
'I like clothes that have a retro feel to them: dungarees, pinafores and chunky knitwear.'
What do they love to wear?
'Finn is really into skateboarding at the moment. so is really drawn to caps and sweatshirts. Evie is definitely a skirt-and-dress kind of girl - she loves flowing hair and twirly skirts.'

What are your favourite AW18 pieces? 
'For Evie: the Bobo Choses Happysads green midi skirt, Tiny Cottons plum corduroy dress, Wynken slouch knit jumper and Maed for Mini teddy furry trench coat. For Finn: Main Story moss sweatshirt, Tiny Cottons navy bomber jacket, Wynken furry sweatshirt and Phil and Phae salopettes.'

What do you like best about Autumn/Winter?
'After sweating and grumbling my way through summer (I kind of hate warm weather), I welcome autumn with open arms. For me there is nothing more glorious than a chilly but sunny autumn day as the light is always magical. If it could be autumn all year round I would be a happy lady.
Autumn/winter fashion is by far my favourite too: long socks, tights, knitwear, coats, hats. The more layers we can wear, the happier I am...'

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