New brand: Tom & Boy

New brand: Tom & Boy

We were thrilled to discover Tom & Boy at the Playtime Paris show in 2022. This Spanish brand makes excellent kids clothes from deadstock fabric, sourced and crafted in Portugal. 

Tom & Boy shorts and top setTom & Boy lookbook

The brilliant SS23 collection, 'Artists and Their Cats' features lovely embroidery and hand crocheted details, along with fun cat prints and a bespoke all-over print that we love.

Tom & Boy cardigan and shorts Tom & Boy embroidery

'I'm like a cat. Cats can play all day' Ai Wei Wei

The Tom & Boy collection takes inspiration from the art world, artists and their pet cats. The likes of Picasso, Warhol and Klee all depicted cats in their work. 

Tom & Boy prints  Tom & Boy shorts

Artists tend to spend long stretches of time alone so they can stay focused on their work. Many artists do this while locked away in a studio. Cats bring a certain energy to the space, but they're generally independent creatures. This makes them the perfect companion for the artist. There's this idea that artists are always aloof, independent and sometimes rebellious, so they definitely have traits in common with their cats. 

The playful cat prints are created by artist and designer, Lucia Martinez

Tom & Boy cat

Tom & Boy cat print on tee