DIY Craft #3: Newspaper Den-Scout & Co

DIY Craft #3: Newspaper Den

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Build your own newspaper den with the kids… Making it is part of the fun!

You’ll need:
- Stack of old newspapers
- Sticky tape
- Stapler and masking tape if you have some.


1. Layer up two sheets of newspaper and roll them up tightly, starting from a corner. The tighter the better, as this will make the rods of your den nice and strong.

2. Secure with a piece of tape.

3. Keep on rolling and sticking to make more rods.

4. Once you have three rods, stick or staple the ends together to make a triangle. To make a small den, you need 12 triangles. The boys wanted a huge den, so we made 30! Bear in mind that smaller dens are stronger – and quicker to make.

5. Start taping triangles together to form your base. For a small den, you’ll need eight triangles for the base, and four to make a pointy roof like a pyramid. But you can get creative and make the base any size you want. Our big den ended up a bit wonky – if you want it neat and balanced, keep it small and make sure all your rods and triangles are the same size.

6. Let the kids fill it with their favourite toys and get playing!