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Uncle Goose - Planets wooden blocks


Uncle Goose educational building blocks are a wonderful mix of a classic, traditional toy with contemporary design. These tactile blocks are lovingly handcrafted from sustainable basswood in Michigan and are built to last for generations. 

This is the Planets set of 9 blocks (1.75in cubes). There's a different planet on each block, with two debossed sides featuring the planet's symbol, name and number of moons.The four printed sides have a planet illustration, diameter, location and distance from the sun. This set includes all 8 planets in our solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus) plus a bonus dwarf planet, Pluto.

Suitable for age 2+. 

Uncle Goose have been handcrafting their traditional wooden building block in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, since 1983. The blocks are made from fast-growing, FSC-certified basswood trees that thrive in the Great Lakes region, with child-safe, non-toxic inks. An environmentally responsible business, Uncle Goose's wood waste becomes garden mulch and the shavings become horse bedding, and they use recycled paper packaging.