Tony T-Rex's Family Album - Rob Hodgson & Michael J Benton

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This excellent and funny history of dinosaurs is told by Tony T-Rex, the last dinosaur on Earth. He gives the inside scoop on what dinosaurs were actually like, recounting the life and times of the 20 most memorable dinosaurs to exist. Casting his memory back to the beginning of the Jurassic to the end of the Cretaceous period, Tony’s album includes his family’s proudest moments and previously unpublished family secrets!

There are tales about his great-great-great-grandpa 'Greedy Guts' Bill, the Brachiosaurus who ate stones to help with indigestion; beak-mouthed Aunt Norni the Sinornithosaurus, the first dinosaur to attempt flight; and the black sheep of the family, a Ceratosaurus called Horace 'The Horn' who took a bite out of one of his hunting buddies and pursued a cannibalistic lifestyle.

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