The Skies Above My Eyes - Charlotte Guillian

Ever looked up and wondered what's going on high up in the skies? This splendid double-sided concertina book folds out to 2.5 metres, and lets you travel up into the air, through the atmosphere and way out into space, inspiring kids with the whole universe above their heads!

The journey begins with a girl looking up from the pavement of a busy city, beyond the traffic lights, wires and skyscrapers. Unfold the book to discover the man-made sights you'd see from different distances, from helicopters and fighter jets to satellites and rockets, looking from 20km above all the way up to 380,000km above the Earth. Turn over the book to make your way beyond the solar system to hundreds of billions of undiscovered galaxies, then journey back down through amazing natural wonders, from comets and meteroids to clouds, storks, mountains, trees, bats and butterflies to reach the ground again. 

Don't miss the accompanying book, The Street Beneath My Feet, too. 

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