The Den Kit Company - The Plant A Tree Kit

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Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow - and The Den Kit Company's Plant A Tree kit can help you grow your very own. Collect your tree seed (a nut, winged-seed, berry or even a conker) and perhaps one day your tree will provide oxygen, habitat and food for creatures and birds, or even the shade for a picnic. It’s a wonderful thing to do now, for the future - and you can use your beautiful, wooden-handled trowel for other gardening jobs whilst you wait!

Contents: Kent & Stowe trowel made from ash wood with stainless steel head (proportionally smaller and lighter than an adult's hand trowel), grow-your-own tree guide, seed-collecting drawstring jute bag, two small compostable paper pots to use to plant your tree seed or nut, The Tree Name Trail - a laminated, beautifully illustrated tree and seed reference guide by the Field Studies Council, natural sisal hessian drawstring bag.

The Den Kit Company celebrates children’s ingenuity, innovation and creativity. The den kits and activity kits encourage unstructured, outdoor play with robust, authentic components that are carefully and ethically sourced to last. No batteries, single-use plastic or ‘pretend’ tools. Just the freedom to create, imagine and have fun!