Technology Will Save Us - Thirsty Plant Kit


Technology Will Save Us create brilliant DIY tech kits. This one lets kids build a solar-powered moisture sensor to keep your plants happy. So good!

Use plaster and electronic components to make a moisture sensor, just by twisting wires together to make an awesome circuit. It runs on a solar panel, so there's no batteries required, and it works with any kind of plant, from cacti to bonsai. 

The Tech Will Save Us website has more excellent project ideas for this kit, like a Thirsty Plant water bomb and a tweeting Thirsty Plant.

This kit takes 1 hour to make. It's recommended for ages 7+.

Technology Will Save Us are on a mission to spark kids' creative imagination using hands-on technology. We love their award-winning DIY kits that help children to make, play, code and invent using technology. This is learning through play at its best - inspiring and empowering kids to love science and technology.