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Technology Will Save Us - Electro Dough Kit


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Technology Will Save Us create brilliant DIY tech kits. This one lets kids bring play-dough sculptures to life with light and sound, and learn how electricity works at the same time. We love it!

Use play dough or make your own using household items, then sculpt your scientific creations. Use electronic components - lights, buzzers and switches – to learn how electricity flows through a circuit (as play dough conducts electricity!) and make the dough come alive with sounds and lights!

Try making a light-up play-dough birthday cake, see how salt affects circuits and make electro football - there are so many possibilities! Check out the Tech Will Save Us website for lots more ideas for projects. 

This kit takes 2 hours to make. It's recommended for ages 4+.

Requires: everyday kitchen items to make the dough, 4 x AA batteries.

Technology Will Save Us are on a mission to spark kids' creative imagination using hands-on technology. We love their award-winning DIY kits that help children to make, play, code and invent using technology. This is learning through play at its best - inspiring and empowering kids to love science and technology.