Poster Power! Great Posters and How To Make Them - Teresa Sdralevich

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What makes a great poster? A brilliant idea, fabulous composition, daring typography... 

Both kids and adults will enjoy this excellent and beautifully illustrated activity book which showcases the key concepts and graphic elements that give a poster the power to engage, inform, persuade and provoke. Simple text, illustrations and activities encourage readers to think about how to marry two concepts to convey a single message, exploit the power of the diagonal and how different typefaces impact on the words they are spelling out.

Make your own brilliant compositions with the collage materials at the back of the book, and get inspired by the seminal posters through the ages by artists including Tomi Ungerer, Saul Bass and Alejandro Magallanes.

Teresa Sdralevich is a graphic designer and illustrator whose work mainly addresses social, political and cultural topics. She regularly leads workshops across Europe