Pim Pam - Reusable nappy - Fruit Salad

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Pim Pam reusable nappies have the best prints and are a brilliant, eco-friendly alternative to disposables.

This is the super-cute Fruit Salad design. 

Pim Pam pocket nappies have a waterproof shell with a super-soft micro-fleece lining that's gentle to baby's skin and keeps your baby dry. There's a double gusset to keep pesky leaks contained. Each nappy comes with two super-absorbent, quick-drying inserts, made of two bamboo terry layers and two microfibre layers. They're ergonomically shaped so they're not too bulky between chubby baby legs!

One-size-fits-most. The nappies have adjustable rise snap fastening, so they grow with your baby, plus hip snaps for a perfect fit. Suitable from about 8-10lb to 35lb.

They're easy to use! Remove and flush all solids. Store nappies in a wet bag or nappy pail until ready to wash. Pre-wash nappies on a rinse cycle with no detergent, then pop them in with a main wash at 40°C. (Inserts can be washed at 60°C if you wish). Line dry. 

Printed PUL fabric, OEKO-TEX certified.

Pim Pam reusable nappies are the cutest nappies in town! They are a brilliant, easy-to-use, sustainable alternative to disposable nappies that end up in landfill. Featuring excellent prints by founder Aless Baylis, the collection includes nappies, wet bags and changing mats.