Patch World - Chef costume kit

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Patch World DIY costume patch kits are a customisable, sustainable solution to the dressing-up box. With simple, gender-neutral patches to be sewn or ironed on, kids can transform existing clothes into an instant costume with each set of three patches. Simplicity is at the heart of the design, leaving room for the child's imagination.  

This is the Chef costume kit: a Head Chef name badge, an ‘Eat Your Greens’ slogan patch and a ‘Dream Kitchen’ logo patch.

Size: name badge 10cm; slogan patch 6cm; logo patch 8cm.

Patch World recommend sewing on the patches for the most sustainable solution, as then they can be switched to new clothes as your child grows, or handed down. The patches can also be ironed on for a more instant costume.

The kit comes with a recycled cardboard activity booklet to encourage conversation around sustainability and play. 

1 tree is planted for every kit sold, and 1% of sales is donated to charity: Action For Children.

Patch World offer a dress-up alternative to polyester costumes destined for landfill. What if we could encourage curiosity and imagination, by helping to cure the planet? These sets of patches have simplicity at the heart of the design, letting kids' imagination do the talking. They're easy to remove and transfer to new pieces and accessories as children grow, or as their minds' change! Big dreams. Low impact. Welcome to Patch World.