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OMY - Super Buddies bracelet - Gelato the ice cream


OMY's Super Buddies wristbands are a fun, collectible accessory for kids. They have easy-to-adjust Velcro closure that's perfect for little wrists. Even better: on the back, there's space for a parent or caregiver to write their phone number, in case the child gets lost on a day out. What a good idea! 

This is Gelato, the ice lolly bracelet. Check out the other nine styles.  

100% PEVA.

Designed and made in France.

Elvire Laurent and Marie-Cerise Lichtlé are the graphic artists and illustrators behind OMY Design & Play, a Paris design studio producing joyful, playful and creative decor and toys for all ages, with an eco-friendly mindset.