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OMY - Pocket Colouring - Animals


The latest addition to OMY's brilliant colouring-in range: Pocket Colouring sets are especially for little ones! Unfold the poster (a manageable size for train tables and restaurants) and get colouring with the included six mini pencils. The drawings are bigger than OMY's regular posters, so younger kids can finish them quicker and the little packs are easy to cary around, so it's perfect travel entertainment.

This is the Animals set, featuring super-cute illustrated creatures: koala, pig, zebra,  monkey, lion and lots more. 

Age : 3-7 years. 

Size: 52 x 38 cm.

Printed on recycled paper. Designed and made in France.

Elvire Laurent and Marie-Cerise Lichtlé are the graphic artists and illustrators behind OMY Design & Play, a Paris design studio producing joyful, playful and creative colouring posters, pocket games, colouring pens and craft kits, with an eco-friendly mindset.