Okido magazine - issue 77 - Bones and Teeth


Okido is the arts and science magazine for children aged 3-7, designed to engage children in scientific discovery through creative play. Issue 77 is 'Bones and Teeth' and is jam-packed with things to do and learn: make gingerbread skeletons, learn about teeth and why we need to brush them, take an X-ray tour inside the body and play the 'race to clean your teeth' game. 

Meet regular characters such as Messy Monster, Felix and Zoe, Zim, Zam, Zoom, Yoga Monkey and Squirrel Boy. Discover 48 colourful pages full of stories, puzzles, games, activities, making, poems, a song, experiments, a family recipe and a pull-out activity.

Okido magazines are printed with biodegradable vegetable inks on pages of 100% post consumer waste recycled paper or FSC paper (paper from responsible sources). Check out our back issues, too. You'll want to collect them all!