Mini Rodini - Fleece panel trousers


Coolest Mini Rodini fleece trousers with blue, red and yellow panels. They have two side pockets, a fake pocket in the back with a sewn-on panther label, soft ankle cuffs and a comfy elasticated drawstring waist. 

Check out the matching top, too. 

100 % recycled polyester, made from used plastic bottles and regenerated polyester fabrics.

When you wash synthetic fleece, tiny micro-plastics are released that might be transferred into nature. Mini Rodini's advice is to wash fleece sparingly, or even better – not at all. Air dry your garment and remove smaller stains with a moist cloth. If the whole garment needs to be washed, remember to iron the garment, which lessens the release of micro-plastics and hang dry. 

Sizing: 56/62 = 1-4 months, 68/74 = 4-9 months, 80-86 = 9-18 months, 92/98 = 18 months - 3 years, 104/110 = 3-5 years, 116/122 = 5-7 years, 128/134 = 7-9 years, 140/146 = 9-11 years

Founded in 2006, Swedish children's clothing brand Mini Rodini is a tribute to all children and their imagination. Renowned for brilliant, playful prints, Mini Rodini places an emphasis on organic cotton, sustainability and ethical production in a factory paying living wages. The excellent AW20 'Für Elise' collection is inspired by Neoclassicism: an opera made of lace and flowers, a dreamy ballet led by Mozart panda while Beethoven's Fur Elise plays on the piano. There are so many prints to love: cat choir, musical notes, viola flowers, Mozart pandas, hearts and leopard print…