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Make This Book Wild - Jo Schofield & Fiona Danks


Make This Book Wild is an interactive, one-of-a-kind creative scrapbook inspired by the wild world. 
There are prompts for all kinds of creative activity based around the natural world around us, from drawing to writing to mixed-media collage. Kids are encouraged to draw on their creativity, to express themselves without fear of being judged, and to make their book really WILD!
They will need scissors, pens, paints, tape, glue and a magnifying glass, plus lots of wild materials and their wildest creativity, as this book becomes filled with keepsakes from their own outdoor adventures. Try finding the faces hidden in pictures of trees, collecting ingredients for a spell to keep nature safe and sticking the feathers back onto a mythical bird.
Readers can colour outside the lines, do the activities in any order and go at their own pace. The mixture of art, creative writing, collecting, games, wildlife-watching and imaginative prompts will appeal to kids with all kinds of interests, and there are no rules!