Magic Magnifying Glass: Mind-Boggling Machines - Honor Head


Move the Magic Magnifying Glass to explore inside a whole world of mind-boggling machines in this clever interactive book, ideal for budding scientists, engineers, and curious young minds! With real scientific detail, it's a great introduction to STEM subjects.

See pistons pumping, gears grinding and turbines turning as you explore the inner workings of the machines that make the world go round. With the amazing X-ray magnifying glass (included), you'll be able to peer beneath the surface of each machine and examine what keeps it chugging along.

On each spread, read all about different types of machine, from jumbo jets to supersonic cars, bullet trains to the International Space Station and so much more. Discover how each machine has a job to do and how it works with humans and other machines to get it done. Then, put on your engineer's hat and get the inside story on each machine, using your special X-ray magnifying glass.

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