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Legends Of Norse Mythology - Tom Birkett


Legends of Norse Mythology is a fully illustrated anthology of Norse gods, giants, monsters and heroes retold anew. Featuring beautiful and otherworldly portraits of mythological characters from Isabella Mazzanti and enchanting text from Old English scholar and Norse mythology expert Dr Thomas Birkett, this collection of timeless tales is the perfect gift for lovers of Viking myths as well as readers looking for an introduction to this epic world of mystical power, battles, quests and intrigue.

Take an adventure through time to a realm of ice and fire, magic and mischief. Meet a cast of characters from Norse folklore and be swept up in their epic deeds and fates. Read over 30 illustrated profiles of Norse figures: gods and goddesses, giants, elves, monsters and other mythical beings, including familiar gods like Thor to lesser-known legends such as giant sisters Gjálp and Greip.
Discover four famous Norse tales and events: the story of Ymir and the Nine Worlds; How Thor’s Hammer Was Made; The Mead of Poetry and The Tale of Ragnarök.

This book is a visual feast and a journey to another world, perfect for the whole family to explore and enjoy. From the trickster god Loki and his mischievous ways to the powerful Norns – the three women who weaved the destinies of all living beings – discover why these incredible stories are still a part of our culture today.