Kiko+ and gg* Hapista Camera - pink


Say cheese! Kukkia's wonderful wooden toy camera is a brilliant way to encourage imaginative play. Made from solid beech wood and painted in white stripes, the camera also has a lens you can rotate (look through to see how the world changes!), a white star button to press and a pink lens you can add, too. There are two denim and canvas straps to choose from for pretend picture-taking on the go, too.

Size: 9.5 × 5.8 x 2.6cm. Strap: 74 cm.

Japanese brand Kiko+ and gg* creates wonderful tactile wooden toys that inspire kids' imaginations. There are two Kiko+ and gg* lines: gg* (subtle, softer colours and finished with soft beeswax) and Kiko+ (vibrant colours and unvarnished finishes so that kids can feel the natural texture of wood).