Kiko+ and gg* Ditto half wooden blocks


Ditto is a creative toy that cultivates the ability to think! There are six open-ended blocks crafted from beech wood and painted in gentle colours. Each block contains an angled mirror. Stack them into towers or make mazes, and spot the different reflections you create. It's an open-ended way of playing together. 

Made from FSC-approved, responsibly sourced beech wood.

Block size: 3.55 x 3.55 x 3.55in.

Japanese brand Kiko+ and gg* creates wonderful tactile wooden toys that inspire kids' imaginations. There are two Kiko+ and gg* lines: gg* (subtle, softer colours and finished with soft beeswax) and Kiko+ (vibrant colours and unvarnished finishes so that kids can feel the natural texture of wood).