Kapla - 100 wooden planks case


Kapla is a classic French construction game consisting of identical, natural pine planks. No glue, no screws, no clips. Each plank is simply placed on top of another: gravity and balance alone hold the planks in place… Due to their unique size and ratio of 1:3:5, the building and balancing possibilities are endless! 

This is an excellent introduction to Kapla: 100 natural wooden KAPLA planks in a wooden storage case, with building ideas on the front. What a super gift!

Suitable for age 3+

French brand Kapla has been making their award-winning wooden plank building toys for over 30 years. Initially very simple and intuitive, children learn every time they build, so creations become increasingly complex and kids experiment using their imagination. It stimulates creativity, encourages logical thinking, dexterity and concentration. Made from 100% untreated wood sourced from renewable pine forests in Les Landes, south-west France.