Happy Stories for Nature Lovers - Dawn Casey


A cheerful compendium of true, narrative non-fiction stories to show that when we give it a little bit of space and maybe a gentle helping hand, nature comes bouncing back.

From tiger numbers which are roaring back in India and Nepal following conservation efforts, to ecosystem restoration success stories such as the return of the grey wolves to Yellowstone National Park – the uplifting tales in Happy Stories for Nature Lovers show that there is hope for our precious planet. 

Many children are very worried about the health of our planet and climate, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by bad environmental news. This anthology provides some light, showing that with the right approaches, we can help nature heal.

  • The removal of dams on the Rogue River, Oregon restored the wild salmon habitats,
  • Humpback whale numbers are up to historic numbers after global whaling bans, 
  • The story of the Children's Forest, an project in England encouraging children to reforest their local areas.

What You Can Do at the back of the book lets children know how the choices they make can help change the world, with information on wellbeing, looking after your space, working together, using your voice, buying less stuff and where our stuff comes from.