Ekobo - Go bamboo takeaway cup - 500ml - Blush

£13.60 £17.00

Forget single-use coffee cups and switch to Ekobo's stylish, reusable takeaway cups for your daily cup of coffee or tea. Made from FSC-certified bamboo fibre with a sleek, fitted premium silicone cup, they are a brilliant sustainable choice. It has a silicone sleeve to protect your hands from any heat, which is also removable so your cup just looks sleek when you want to use it for cold drinks. The lid closes with a tab, so there are no splashes while walking or driving.

This is the blush pink 500ml version. Check out the other colours and smaller sizes, too. 

Size: 500ml. Diameter: 8.5cm, height: 15cm.

Home living brand Ekobo make stylish bamboo tableware for children as a sustainable, durable and safe alternative to plastic. The Franco-American design team created BIOBU, their own FSC-certified bamboo fibre made from sawdust waste from chopstick factories combined with non-toxic, food-grade melamine binder. Fast-growing organic bamboo is one of earth's most renewable resources.