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Djeco - Polyssimo Challenge wooden board game


Djeco's excellent Polyssimo Challenge board game is all about placing as many of the wooden puzzle pieces as you can on the board, so that you're left with the fewest pieces at the end. 

Players take turn to choose their pieces, which are shapes made up of five or six squares. Then everyone takes turns to place one on the board, cleverly arranging them to block space and leave opponents with fewer chances to add their own pieces. When there's no space left on the board, everyone counts the number of squares they have left to see who is the winner!

This is a fun game for 2-4 players that makes you think ahead tactically, boosts spatial awareness and can help with maths concepts, too. 

Check out the original Polyssimo and Cubissimo game, too.

Suitable for: 7 – 99 years.

Box size: 22 x 22 x 3cm.

Djeco is a wonderful Parisian toys brand, formed in 1954. They create everything from classic wooden toys and jigsaws to stationery and craft kits to spark kids' imagination. There's something for all ages and budgets, from modern dolls houses to stickers and tattoos.