Disana - Merino wool knit leggings - Grey


Disana's lovely merino wool rib-knit leggings are a cosy wardrobe classic. They have a gently elasticated waistband and a generous fit.

This is the Grey version. Check out the other colours, and the matching gloves, jacket and overalls, too.

Sizing: 62/68 = 3-6 months; 74/80 = 6-12 months; 86/92 = 12-24 months; 98/104 = 2-3 years; 110/116 = 4-5 years; 122/128 = 6-8 years.

Disana creates wonderful, eco-friendly knitted clothing, made from organic wool and cotton in Germany. We love the boiled wool jackets and overalls, and matching leggings and gloves, all in rich, warm colours.