Disana - Boiled merino wool trousers with braces - olive

£45.50 £65.00

Disana call these the ultimate trousers for all kinds of weather, and we have to agree! Made from finest boiled merino wool, so they're warm, windproof and dirt resistant, these dungarees have a high waist to keep kids feeling cosy, and knitted braces so they stay in place. They have an extra, reinforced layer on knees and bottom, so the trousers will last all outdoor adventures, while the loose fit means they can be worn over another layer on especially cold days. 

This is the Olive green version. Check out the other colours, and the matching gloves, jacket and overalls, too.

Sizing: 62/68 = 3-6 months; 74/80 = 6-12 months; 86/92 = 12-24 months; 98/104 = 2-3 years; 110/116 = 4-5 years; 122/128 = 6-8 years.

Disana creates wonderful, eco-friendly knitted clothing, made from organic wool and cotton in Germany. We love the boiled wool jackets and overalls, knit trousers, leggings and matching hats, scarves and gloves, all in rich, warm colours.