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Disana - Boiled merino wool gloves - Grey

£13.30 £19.00

Disana's sweet boiled merino wool mittens with ribbed cuffs will keep kids' hands super cosy all winter. The wool's high lanolin content makes them water-resistant, so little fingers are warm and dry, even during a snowball fight! The handy string means they can be threaded through a jacket and kept together. 

This is the Grey version. Check out the other colours, and the matching overalls, leggings and jackets, too.

Sizing: 1 = 6-12 months; 2 = 1-2 years; 3 = 2-6 years.

Disana creates wonderful, eco-friendly knitted clothing, made from organic wool and cotton in Germany. We love the boiled wool jackets and overalls, and matching leggings and gloves, all in rich, warm colours.