Creativ Company - Crepe Paper Flowers Discover kit


Learn how to make beautiful crêpe paper flowers with this discovery kit, which contains everything you need to get started. Scan the QR code to watch the detailed video with step-by-step instructions for different techniques to make paper flowers. By the end, you'll have a gorgeous bouquet of crepe paper flowers! You'll have enough materials to experiment and create your own flowers, too. The flowers make wonderful eternity bouquets or decoration in gift wrapping and wreaths.

A super craft for older kids and adults. 

Contains: 8 rolls of crepe paper in assorted colours, plastic bone folder, paper coated wire in two thicknesses, polystyrene balls in two sizes, orange flower stamens and Multi Glue. You might find it helpful to use a low-temperature glue gun as well (not supplied).

Creativ Company are a Danish arts and crafts supplier. We're stocking craft kits, silk clay, self-hardening clay, paint markers and more.