Button & Popper - Oili Tanninen


Button & Popper is a charming story of a pixie family (mother, father and 12 children) who live in an apple tree. They love the tree's warmth and shelter, and eat apple pie all spring and summer. But when autumn comes, the leaves begin to drop and it becomes a cold and wet place to live.

Twin brothers Button and Popper decide to find their family a new home and head into the city to find an apartment but with no luck. Good fortune strikes when they meet Professor Pilli who invites them to look after his house while he's away at the South Pole. The brothers can’t believe the Professor’s kindness, and the rest of their pixie family are relieved and happy again.

Oili Tanninen is an award-winning, celebrated Finnish illustrator and author with over 20 children’s books to her name.