Bobo Choses - Blue cosmos boots

£77.00 £26.95

So much love for these! Moon boots get a Bobo Choses makeover: moon-print navy cosmos boots with multi-coloured laces. The warmest, comfiest winter boots – this waterproof, pull-on style is perfect for snow days or any day you want cosy feet! 

80% polyester, 20% polyurethane.

Much-loved Spanish clothing brand Bobo Choses was founded in 2008 with enduring values of creativity, passion and humour. Expect fun prints, beautiful garment-dyed hues, embroidery details, vintage patches and relaxed, loose shapes. 90% of the collection is made locally in Spain and Portugal.

The AW19 'We Cosmos' collection is inspired by Benny Benson, the 13 year old who won the contest to design the Alaskan territory flag in 1927. His design was based on the star constellation he looked for every night before going to sleep at the orphanage. The universe is our home and the sky is a flag we can all relate to. Can you see those stars over there? That’s you and me. We? Cosmos! This collection is dedicated to all those kids who know we are all made of stars.