Baggu – Nylon wallet - Mushrooms

£15.75 £31.50

Baggu's trifold wallet has four card pockets, one bill fold and Velcro closure, plus a handy loop so you can clip it to your keychain. Just imagine… instead of constantly searching for your wallet, you can just clip it to your keys and hang it up in the hall when you get home. It's made from durable, recycled heavyweight nylon. 

This is the Mushrooms print.

Size: 4.25 × 3in folded.

Recycled heavyweight nylon body, recycled ripstop nylon exterior. Machine washable

Based in Brooklyn and San Francisco, Baggu make bags we really, really want: canvas backpacks, totes and recycled nylon reusable bags for everyday. We love their excellent mission statement: "To make simple, high quality bags in many bright colours. They're durable and multi-purpose so you can own less stuff".