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Élhée - Silicone teats - pack of 2 - Medium

£5.95 £8.50

Elhée beautiful silicone baby bottles are ergonomically designed to offer a similar sensory experience to breastfeeding. Streamlined, round and soft to touch, these lightweight, eco-friendly bottles come in gentle colours. A great choice for mothers wishing to alternate bottle and breastfeeding.  

This is a set of two silicone teats in M (medium) to fit Elhée bottles. Medium flow, suitable for formula, milk or water.

* Natural, anatomical teat in extra-soft and supple silicone reproduces the shape of a mother's nipple and mimics the feel when sucking. It's perfectly adapted to baby's palate too, so contributes to healthy development.

* Anti-colic system: a special valve in the teat reduces air intake and facilitates digestion. 

* Bottles and teats are made from medical-grade silicone with a unique, patented closure system so that milk doesn't come into contact with anything apart from bottle, teat and silicone sealing disc.

* Wash by hand or in the dishwasher.

Made in France.

French brand Élhée makes silicone baby bottles in organic shapes and soft colours.